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Sewing on Toilet Paper

This is what it looks like when Gail is sewing on Toilet Paper.
There are several different ways to succeed in doing this and I am sure you will develope your own system that works best for you, but here is the one I find the easiest to do to help get you started if you have never sewn on toilet paper before. 

1--Hoop one layer of sturdy stabilzer Cutaway or tearaway. ( I use tear away but I do not tear it away. Sometimes you may need more check out the tips below)
2--Each GoodiesByGail Toliet Paper Desgin come with a Placement stitch. It sews out first and you just sew it onto the hooped stabilizer in a dark color. This will help you know where to place your Toilet Paper Square. It also helps in centering the design.
3--Tear one square off the end of the roll and then place it under the square you are wanting to embroider on. Usually just the second one from the new end.
4--Un-roll the tp just a little so that when sewing there is no resistance when embroidery arm is moving.
5--Place the double layered square on the placement stitch you just stiched out on the stabilizer. ( the square you tore off is between the Toilet paper your sewing on and the stabilizer.)
6--You may need to sometimes smooth the paper during sewing.
7--When finished sewing out trim the stabilizer just inside of the placement line. Being careful not to tug on TP too hard or it will tear where the design edges are.
8--Roll Toilet Paper back up and you can use double sided tape if you like on the back of that end square. So when you roll it back up it will stick like a brand new roll of tp.
9--Place in Clear Cellophane Goodie Bag and tie with lots of curly ribbon. 

Essential Tips:

---Lots of different brands of Toilet Paper can be sewn on. Of course a “Quilted” style usually works best. Does not have to be expensive either. The Walmart brand works just fine too. I have found that Angel Soft doesn't work so well.
---Try a Smaller needle (I use a size 8 universal Sharp only for TP designs.) Size really does matter.... take a look....


 --Slowest machine Speed setting.
--Try more than one layer of Stabilizer.(sometimes it is needed)
--Loosen your Tension.
--Try different combos to see what works best for you.
--Use Clear Cellophone Goodie Bags to make the tp last through bathroom moisture. (Like steam from a Hot Shower)

On where to find those Clear Cellophane Goodie Bags....
I purchase mine from Walmart. Do not look in the Craft section. They are in the “Birthday Party” section by the greeting cards. You can purchase a bigger supply online for an excellent price.4X9 inches.

My understanding is that any design can be sewn on tp as long as it is under 4x4 inches. You just need to adjust all the variables to sew it out on the toilet paper. I have provided the Placement Stitch by itself if you would like to test that theory on other designs. You can download the Placement Stitch Here.


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