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 Sewing with Vinyl
 VINYL - It's not just for repelling dirt and people from furniture anymore.

As with all designs READ THE CHART that comes with any GBG Design. Digitizers will make notes on the chart that will make sewing the design much easier. Some machines say different than what the software says so read the Charts. Keep in mind this is just like an Applique Design.
I will be using the GBG Vinyl Spider Jar design as my visual example.  

1.  Of course the actual first thing to do is hoop your fabric and I slipped the stabilizer under the hoop. Use best stabilizer for your fabric. Hoop YOUR usual way.
2.  This particular design's first sewing step is to sew out the “Placement Stitch”. This is to show you where the Vinyl will be one it is called for on the CHART. It also helps you to know about what size piece of Vinyl to use. Cut Vinyl larger than the Placement Stitch. Remember your CHART will inform you when to do specific steps. Do not add the Vinyl until the CHART calls for it.

3. The next step in this design is to sew the part of the design that will be under the Vinyl. Just sew it out like you would any other design.


4.  Now it is time for the Vinyl to be added so you can sew the TACK STITCH. (Does exactly as it sounds... Tacks the Vinyl down to the fabric.) Make sure before you “Tack” the Vinyl you have snipped any jump stitches, if there are any. Just lay it overlapping the Placement Stitch. (just like an applique) If you are afraid your vinyl will stick if your embroidery machine foot should happen to touch it, just take some talcum powder and pat your index finger in it and rub over the top of the vinyl. This is also where you start thinking about Vinyl thickness and needle size.....

I had to downsize my needle to a size 9, because 10 and up was making too big of holes which allows the vinyl to come away from the design. We do not want that. Also if you are having a problem you may need a thicker vinyl. Most commonly used is the 10 Guage Clear Vinyl. Need to buy some, Here you can even ask for it on a Roll. (


5.  Once the Vinyl is “Tacked” down it is time to trim the excess. Remove the hoop from the machine but Do Not unhoop anyhting. The Vinyl I used trimmed very easily. Do the trim just like an applique. Leaving a tiny bit of vinyl along the outside of the Tack Stitch Line. You will end up with the picture above/right. Now attach the hoop back to the machine and get ready for the next step.


6.  The next step after trimming is to sew the SATIN COVER STITCH. This design is coming close to the end. Remember to check the CHART, other designs may have many more steps depending on how advanced the design is. So if there is more to the design just sew it out following the CHART. In this case our jar needs a top. I don't want that spider getting out!


One you finish sewing out all the steps in the design and UNHOOP the fabric you will have..... 

A Pretty Cool Design!

A few things to think about when sewing Vinyl Designs. 
Use Slowest Machine Setting. (I recommend this for most things)
Adjust tension if needed.
Use a size needle that goes with the thickness of your Vinyl.
If Vinyl comes away from the design try a smaller needle or thicker
Keep some talcum powder handy to keepy Vinyl from feeling sticky.
Check if your type of Vinyl will survive the wash. 


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