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Sewing Vinyl Photo Frames
 Tutorial was made using Gail's Doggie Frame Design . (4x4 version)

Here are the step by step instructions that worked for Gail in making a cute little Vinyl Photo Frame. Of course depending on which size design you purchase will determine what size photo you can insert behind the vinyl. I am using a 4x4 design and this particular design has a 1.5 in x 1.5 in photo space. Refer to the design's chart for any special instructions that pertain to that particular design.

Step 1.

--Hoop tearaway stabilizer or water soluable stabilizer. (which ever you prefer)

--Sew 1st Placement Stitch on Stabilizer only.


Step 2.

--Cut piece of Fabric larger than 1st Placement Stitch.

--For padding Gail uses Felt. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Cut Padding/Felt larger than 1st Placement Stitch.

--Optional-You can fuse Fabric to Stabilizer or to Felt/Padding using your fave method.

--Lay Padding/Felt down covering 1st Placement Stitch then lay and smooth fabric on top of Padding/Felt. It usually clings to felt on it own.

Step 3.

--Sew 1st Tack Stitch

--This will attach the layers to the top of the hooped stabilizer.

 Step 4.

 --Remove Hoop from Machine.

--Trim Fabric and “Padding” close to 1st Tack Stitch.

--Attach Hoop back to Machine.

 Step 5.

--Sew 2nd Placement Stitch (This indicates where the photo cover(vinyl) will be.)

--Optional- You can trim the inside of the 2nd Placement Stitch to remove the fabric there. (Gail did not do this in this example)

 Step 6.

--Lay Fabric that will be behind picture window over 2nd Placement Stitch.

--Sew 2nd Tack Stitch.

--Remove Hoop from Machine.

Step 7.

 --Trim Fabric close to 2nd Tack Stitch.

--Attach Hoop back to Machine.

Step 8.  

--Sew remainder of the design up until the next Tack Stitch. (Refer to chart for this, it may differ from design to design)

 Step 9.

--Lay piece of Vinyl over 2nd Placement Stitch.

--Sew 3rd Tack Stitch (Should be 3 sides only. Open side is for inserting photo)

--Remove Hoop from Machine.

 Step 10.

--Trim Vinyl Close to 3rd Tack Stitch.

--Cut straight across Vinyl where shown on chart. (This creates the photo pocket)

--Attach Hoop Back to Machine.

Step 11.

--Sew Satin Cover Stitch for the Vinyl.


--Remove Hoop from Machine

 Step 12.

--You can do the “Fusing” method of your choice, as mentioned in step 2 to the backside of fabric to underside of hooped stabilizer.

--Optional- To make it more “Puffy” add the fabric fused to another piece of padding/Felt. Fabric backside to felt. Thes much be larger than the 1st Placement Stitch.

--Layer are Bottom Fabric Right side facing down, Padding, Hooped project.

--Attach Hoop to Machine.

--If you didn't do the fuse method in any way you can strategically place tape to help hold bottom layers to bottom of Stabilized Hoop, just for the 4th Tack Stitch.(picture shows this method)

--Sew 4th Tack Stitch

 Step 13.

--Remove Hoop from Machine.

--Remove Tape if used.

--Trim padding/fabric close to 4th Tack Stitch.

--Attach Hoop back to Machine.

 Step 14.

--Sew Satin Cover Stitch (this sews out twice automatically)

--IMPORTANT- pay close attention to the finish sewing of the 2nd round. If your machine centers the presser foot at the finally of a design, Watch the Vinyl or Quickly stop your machine. Sometimes Foot may slip underneath Vinyl when the hoop slides back to the original start position.

--Remove Hoop from Machine.

 Step 15.

--Simply pop out the project from the hooped stabilizer.

--Depending on which stabilizer used, you can trim “scraggles” from edges of satin stitching, being careful NOT to cut any of the Satin Stitching.

--If you used water soluable stabilizer, dampen the edges to disolve. Wait until completely dry before inserting photo.

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