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Sewing with Mylar

Mylar designs are specifically digitized to be used with a sheet of “Mylar” or Cello wrap. They are digitized in such a way that they are missing stitches or have a very loosely dense fill so that the light can bounce off the “Mylar” that is showing through and create a beautiful sparkle. “Mylar” is the thin plastic like sheeting that is used in gift bags in place of the usual tissue paper. Most chip bags and candy wrappers are made of this material also, and yes, I have seen some designs sewn on top of the inside of chip bags and candy wrappers. You have heard of Mylar balloons? Even those can be used with these types of designs.

I will tell you right now I personally use irridescent cello wrap. You can get a pretty good size roll at Party City for a reasonable price. If you find any of that colored Mylar, test it first to see if it will work with your project. If you take the corner of a sheet and smoosh it between your thumb and forefinger and rub vigorously and if the color rubs off, it may not be right for your project if you plan on washing your item eventually. From my understanding all true Mylar should be washable and and ironable. (Always test first)

These designs are just like appliques. Every design comes with a chart that will tell you when to apply the “Mylar” and when to Peal it off.

A note on the photos of all my “Mylar” designs. When these designs are finished they have such a beautiful sparkle to them it's very hard to capture in a photo or scan. Sometimes I do add a little Sparkle of my own to the picture to give you and idea of what the results are like but let me tell you it is no way in comparison to the real thing. What you view with your naked eye is so much more awesome than I have been able to capture with my camera. So please do not feel fooled in any way because if you have sewn out a Mylar design you know just how sparkly they really are. (more loose density, more sparkle)

I told my mother the first time I sewed a Mylar design that it looked like my machine was producing exotic gems on my fabric. (effect of machine light shining down on design while sewing)...


My roll of Irridescent Cello Wrap. Purchased at Party City.

Do Not get the “Shrink” wrap type.

Similar to this.


Lay a piece of Mylar on top of the fabric. Make sure you you always check the chart that comes with each design. There may or may not be a placement stitch. Just make sure you cut a piece that covers your sewable area in your hoop. The chart will tell you which step to apply the Mylar. Each design is different.


Sew out part of design that will be on top of the mylar. Don't worry if it crinkles the stitches will flatten it down and you will never notice.


Once the Chart indicates it's time to Peal Away the Mylar, it tears away fairly easy. Use tweezers to get small pieces out of tight spots.


When the whole design is through sewing out, you will have a

beautiful, sparkly design.


Download this sample and try it yourself.

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