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A Loopy Guide to Fringe

All "Fringe" designs have to be digitized specifically for the "Fringe". The Double Fringe will have "Tack Stitches" sewn in the center of the satin stitch as shown below. Your Design Chart that comes with each design will show which section is for "Fringing". Always read your Chart or any other documents that may come with your design files.

All about Fringe
You can use either of these methods when making a fringed design. Certain methods
may look better depending on what is being "Fringed".

EX. A Feather may work better with the Frayed Method. (Also know as Cut)

Over time you will perfect your own method of fringing. Don't be afraid to Experiment!


All about the Fringe

1. Only use Cut Away Stabilizer. Never Tear the Stabilizer away from a Fringe Design, it can alter the shape of the Fringe.

2. Make sure you have appropriate Tension settings. There should be approx 1/3 to 1/2 of bobbin on the back of the design in the statin sections.

3. Use the appropriate needle for your machine and fabric.

There are two kinds of Fringe.
A: Loopy
B: Frayed

Use whichever method you like best. If you have an option, depending on what the design chart says.

A: Loopy Instructions...

--Sew out Design.
--Do not UnHoop. Turn Design over to the backside.
--(If tension is correct) You should have a column of bobbin thread running down the middle of the back of the satin stitching to be turned into Fringe.
-- On the Satin Sections you want to "Fringe" or the part on the chart that is marked for "Fringing" snip the Bobbin Threads ONLY
--Turn design back over.
--Take a blunt instrument and scrub across the from. This will pull out the loops and make the design Loopy/Frilly.

*You can use Water Soluable Bobbin Thread for this type of Fringe.

B: Frayed Instructions...

--Sew out Design.
--Do NOT UnHoop. Turn Design over to the back side.
--Take some small pointy scissors, run them under the TOP THREAD and cut the outer edges of the top stitching that is showing on the backside.

--Do NOT Cut the Bobbin Thread.
--Turn design back over to the Front.
--Take an instrument such as scissors, nail file or similar objects and scrub across the satin stitching on the front. This will pull out the cut threads and will look Fuzzy. 

--You can trim the little ends if you like. (kind of like getting a trim at the hair salon.)


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