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It truly is a wonderful word. This the number one searched word on the website so I thought I would dedicate a whole page to information about the Freebies.

Some Quick details to point out about the "Freebies" on this website.

-- Free designs are NOT searchable. They will not show up if you search any of the free, freebies, freebees keywords and so forth. The ones that do you will notice that the word "free" is somehow part of it's description. Like "free love". That is not a free design.   

-- These designs have Copyrights just like the designs you spend money on. You did not sit down for hours and sometimes days making these design files so you cannot claim them as your own.

-- Yes sometimes designs can take up a good amount of a digitizers time, so when you see the word "Free" there is more meaning to it than just getting a design you don't have to pay for. Digitizers take the time to offer Free designs in hopes that you will browse the website and maybe see more than just the freebies. It cost us materials, money, and time to bring out the free designs. So a little browsing is all we ask in return.

-- This website does not "Hide" designs in any hard to find ways. 

-- Gail offers a new Free Design every month. Not hard to find at all. Once you find it you will always find it.

-- Gail does not give out any hints to where Free Designs are.

-- Some regulations for the Free Designs. Treat them just like you would a design you have paid good hard earned money for.

- Do Not post Direct Links back to the Free Design page. You may post a link to the index page you found the design on and that is all.

- Do Make Awesome projects with your Free Design.

- Do Not give, share, or resale the design files in any way.

- Do Sale, Give and Share your Awesome Projects you have made with the Free Design on it. (If selling the item it would be appreciated if there was some shout out of where you got the design)

I appreciate the time you took to read this. You only have to read it once to be in the know. Now I was not joking when I said I appreciated you reading this. Here you go a Free Design you can download without having an account. The simplest way to get a Freebie. Enjoy!


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