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*Ordering from the BEYOND*

If you find something you like or know someone else would like from THE BEYOND section, it may be easier on you and us if you ordered them separate from Machine Embroidery Designs. Anything purchased from THE BEYOND will be shipped through the USPS where as the Embroidery Designs are always Direct Downloads.
USPS Shipping is only within the United States.

The BEYOND is full of Quality Handmade Custom Gifts for yourself or someone else. No Two are exactly alike.

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Graduations
  • Reunions
  • any Celebrations you may be having.

Please take into consideration when ordering from THE BEYOND that these have a production time frame.
All that goes into producing these awesome gifts.

  • Time Designing for wood.(Different than designing for vinyl)
  • Time Purchasing Materials for all projects.
  • Time Prepping the Materials that will be used.
  • If something is to be painted or stained, a Dry Time is required before anything else can be done.
  • Time Creating any of the products.
  • If sealer is applied, another Dry Time.
  • Custom Vinyl  Designing Time. .(Different than designing for wood)
  • Custom Vinyl Cutting Time
  • Custom Vinyl Weeding Time. (yeah, it's a thing)
  • Custom Vinyl Tiles need 36 hours to cure after application for Vinyl to be permanent.
  • Custom Decals take less time to produce. These are Vinyl Wall Art Decals you purchase and apply yourself.
  • Transfer Tape must be applied to Decals before shipping.
  • Decals for walls are not permanent and are removable.
  • Decals for outdoor or cars have a stronger stick.

Our OOPS Policy...

Is it our mistake or yours in THE BEYOND?
We can only work with what you provide us. So Spelling and Date Checks are very important before ordering.

If you give us the wrong information without contacting us within 48 hours of the order being placed and the item gets produced with the wrong information, that is on you and it will not be refunded, you can keep it or order a new one with the correct information.  Always try to contact us asap when you realize the wrong information was given at the time of ordering. You may get lucky and the product isn't in a phase that is not beyond the point of no return. If it hasn't made it that far we can see if we can get those changes in there without any problems.

If we receive the correct information but make a product with clearly wrong information that is on us and we will redo with correct information and resend.


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