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A good experience is not only because of a good product but good Customer Service too. Gail is here to help with your GoodiesByGail experience. Feedback is always appreciated because there is always room for improvement.

Due to the digital nature of dowloaded designs there can be no refunds given and there is a 3 day 3 download time frame on every downloadable design but THAT does not mean when it expires that all customer service goes out the door.   Customer Service is very important to Gail.

Gail does try to remind anyone that they have not downloaded their designs yet. Your files can be dowloaded at any time really, just send an email requesting the download to be reset.

Things beyond our control sometimes occur, computer goes haywire, cat walked across keyboard and did not miss the delete key on his voyage, or just plain old memory lost. Now where did I save that file? Happens to us all.

Gail tries to make it where it is almost impossible for duplicates to be purchased but there is always the one that magically finds the way to get it done. lol  With Proof you can have the duplicate swapped for another design of the same price.  Not a problem. It's my new catch phrase. Most stuff really isn't a problem, it's just some people don't have the patience or the caring to try to help in any way.

All things will be addressed, all you have to do is Contact Us! Gail tries to excel at giving Customer Service. Remember 99.9% of the time "It's Not a Problem". wink

Have a Wonderful, Crafty Day!

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